Skin Oil No.5

Skin Oil No.5

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This all natural , super light, skin boosting! is good for all skin types, but geared to skin needing that extra boost. Skin Oil No.5  replenishes skin for smoother, softer, more radiant skin

What it's good for:
*Absorbs easily with a lightweight texture
* Protects from moisture loss, repairs hydrolipidic layer
*Helps to reduce appearance of fines lines and wrinkles
* Helps to stimulate collagen production                                                                     * Contains a natural form of retinol, resets cell turnover                                *Contains a high level of natural Vitamin E and F , improves softer skin, and helps to fade scars

What’s in it:
Grapeseed oil, Safflower oil, Rosehip Oil,  Elemi oil, Cacay oil

How to Use it:

Because this oil is so light and easily absorbed, you can adjust how you use it to fit your skins needs. It can be used both A.M. and P.M.

1) Apply a few drops to clean wet skin, massage in ..follow with your moisturizer

2) Apply a few drops to your moisturizer and apply to wet skin

3) Apply your moisturizer to wet skin  then lock in moisture with a few drops of skin oil NO.5